I am… The person you haven’t gotten to know. Free, Alive, Silly. A fan of fun. In love with life . A daughter, sister, little sister, friend, best friend, girlfriend. Still afraid of the dark. Always choosing white. A good hug giver. Still growing. Blue eyed. Empowered, valiant and whole . Still In love. California raised. A book reader. Simply complicated. Allergic to lies. Surgically connected to my camera. A good girl. Seriously considering conquering the world as my next move. Tender hearted. Strong. An oxymoron. A share holder in the Victoria’s Secret “Pink!” line (I have to be by now). Unique/weird, Genuine. Creative. Kind. The biggest dork you will ever know… bet you $400! Amused always. Content with me. Very emotional. Putty in the hands of a good guitarist/ musician. An enjoyer of the Beatles . Always open to new music. Sorry for being clumsy. A future wife…mother… grandmother. More down to Earth than you will ever know. A sap for romance. Never tired of dancing, eating pomegranates or making banana liquados. Experimental… sometimes. Will never pass on a dare. Annoying. One of the only people you will ever meet who tripped Dave Mattews. Happy to be me. Going to live in a big city one day. A procrastinator. Always hungry. Blessed. Paying off maxed out credit cards. Always finding joy in the simplest things. Your biggest fan. A Real Madrid fan. Going to be on the cover of a major magazine, someday. For the right reasons. Competitive. A crier. Afraid of flying squirrels and oompa loompas. Learning to fly… an actual plane A bubble gum collection owner. Bad at saving… always broke, good at spending! An enjoyer of science. Thankful to not have to have my wisdom teeth removed …addendum thankful to have had them removed. Grateful for everything. Carved by my past, living in my present, motivated about my future!

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