Gratitude Journey

I’ve decided to do a 40 day gratitude journal. I normal keep one on paper but to keep me accountable I’ll do this online. I’m realizing now that the pandemic may be coming to an end that there may be I time when I crave this pace of life again. The abundance of time seemed daunting to begin with, nearly a year ago, but it has allowed me to create things I’ve always saved for “someday”. This precious, gentle time spent in our homes has recalibrated us and brought us closer to the things that are important to us. I certainly miss human beings, even though I consider myself an introvert, I have come to appreciate collaboration and unexpected moments that can only be created though interacting with people. I miss eye contact. Oh wait, I got sidetracked… I’m focusing on the positives in quarantine. So I’ll do one a day for 40 days.

DAY 1 3/11/21

Today I’m grateful for CREATIVITY. What would the world be without brilliant minds throughout history CREATING and innovating. Whether it’s technology or art or a beautiful garden or Disneyland. I’m so grateful that I get to experience other people’s ideas that they had the courage to create. The world and universe are the most unimaginably beautiful creations, (humans and animals are a close second.) Welp, I’ve got a game of Super Mario bros to get back to. Here are a couple of videos that I love on creativity..


I am grateful for laughter. The kind that makes your belly ache and your eyes drip tears down your cheeks. So much laughter you can’t contain it. I love funny people and inside jokes and well written comedy and every effort to make life lighter and sillier (I’m not sure if that’s a word but I also don’t care. I love people who don’t take themselves too seriously and happy thoughts that make you giggle in a crowded room. I love the moment someone understands your sense of humor and that knowing look between two people sharing a smile. Laughter is the best. Can you remember the first time you had a group of people laugh out loud, and how communal that spontaneous burst of joy felt? Think how odd and funny life can be. Anyhow. I hope you laugh today and I hope you pay attention to how nice it is.

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