Barbie Movie 2022 Margot Robbie / Abi Beaux

Greta. Margot. Abi. What do we have in common?….WelI, have some super exciting news to share! I am finally able to tell you that I just put my picture next to Margot Robbie’s and put the Barbie logo above it. Am I in the film that is currently being filmed in London? You’ll just have to wait and see * full disclosure I’m not in it. But I am in this picture next to Margot Robbie (see above). So can I say we’re in a picture together? No? I didn’t think so but I hope this movie is great and fun and lovely and teaches young girls and women that there is more to life than beauty. There’s also fun and silliness and hot pink cars and girl power and on and on…. Here is a cute lil’ picture of Margot looking darling bringing our childhood to life. 


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